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Hello Coffee Enthusiasts! In our previous post, we touched on Single Origin Coffee, and artistic brewing method known as siphon.

As you have noticed in our previous post, we love how impressive siphon brewing can be with its beautiful lights and “scientific” looking apparatus that allow the barista to “perform” with finesse.

And so, for the last week our marketing team has been exploring this aesthetically pleasing brewing method and have found that the coffee brewed this way comes with a pretty clean palate when you find the perfect recipe!

Here is the recipe that we decided tasted best!

Bonmac Hikari Siphon Bar & Hario Coffee Syphon TCA-3

Water- 225ml
Ratio- 1:14
Coffee- 16g


Water- 370ml
Ratio- 1:15
Coffee- 24g

– Set to high heat till water rises to approximately half of the upper container before stirring the coffee 3 – 5 times.
– Set at mid and start timer once water is unable to rise further.
– Remove apparatus from heat at 45 seconds and stir another 3 – 5 times.

Furthermore, we would like to introduce and recommend our new line of products – UCC Largo Single Origin & the UCC Blue Mountain Single Origin!

If you are interested in the fine art of coffee siphon or pour over coffee brewing, we highly recommend these products for your shop front or even your own little café you have set up at home!

The bottle designs are intricate and beautiful just like the contents in the bottle!

The coffee packed with nitrogen not just ensures the freshness of the coffee beans but also to enhance the aroma and flavours in the coffee, thus we are proud to introduce to you our premium range of Largo Single Origin that is perfect for pour over and siphon brewing.

We hope that we have poked at your coffee curiosity and urge to learn more about coffee! Please continue to tune into our blogs twice monthly!

We thank you for your interest and thirst for knowledge about coffee! Have a fantastic caffeine-fuelled day ahead!

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