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THE COFFEE PEOPLE: Single Origin Coffee

So what is Single Origin Coffee and why are they priced so high? Well, please continue to tune into this blog issue of THE COFFEE PEOPLE to further understand about Single Origin Coffee!

Single Origin Coffee as its name suggests means that the coffee comes from one producer, a single varietal coffee plant or coffee coming from a region in a country. This information would in turn deepen the understanding into how the coffee is being grown, harvested and processed before going to a coffee roaster. However, according to SCAE’s Andre Vlaicu, this isn’t the only meaning to single origin – it also allows traceability thus allowing the consumer to understand further about the particular farm and its unique setting that allows the coffee to possess the special characteristics in its taste, aroma and flavour, therefore it might come with a special price tag (Perfect Daily Grind, 2015).

As special as they come, some cafes would also offer different brewing methods such as pour over, aero press or even siphon. Depending on the method, it can create different experiences for consumers – for example the siphon has intricate apparatus involved in the brewing process and can be a feast for the eyes!

Photo Credit: UCC BREWER’S | Photo of Elaine Wong of UCC Coffee, 2015 HK Siphonist Champion

With all these in mind, we are sure that there’s a question in your head that goes: “Why should I drink single origin coffee when I can get the house blend at a cheaper price?”

Of course we are not here to convince everyone to drink single origin coffee; it’s really based on your preference as a coffee drinker. However, if you are interested in finding out more about Single Origin Coffee, we have a few websites we recommend you to read to satiate your hunger for that knowledge (do check them out below!).

It goes without saying that we do carry our own Single Origin Coffee from various countries like Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala and many more! Do contact us if you would like to purchase our coffee!

Thank you very much for reading, we hope that everyone enjoys a caffeine-fuelled week ahead! Stay tuned to our next post!


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