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THE COFFEE PEOPLE: Drip (a.k.a Pour Over) Coffee

Good Day Coffee Enthusiasts! We hope that you have enjoyed our previous post, and since we have covered Siphon Coffee – we would like to discuss Drip Coffee, also known as Pour Over Coffee.

Drip coffee is pretty much the simplest way to brew your coffee, although the apparatus looks expensive, it actually isn’t. All you actually need is just the filter funnel at the top along with some filter paper and you are good to go; and these items are easily acquired in local gift shops as well as convenience stores.

Now, on to the brewing method – we would first like to emphasise that there is no “correct” way of brewing coffee because taste is subjective. Thus, experimentation is very important in order to find the perfect brewing method for yourself!

However, fret not if you do not have any experience in this, we do have a recommendation for you!

Drip Set & Personal Coffee Mug

Recommended equipment to have:
Weighing scale

1:15 (1g of coffee to 15g of water)

-Place drip apparatus on top of coffee mug.
-Place filter paper in funnel of drip apparatus, rinse and wet filter paper to remove any odours from the paper filter.
-Pour coffee grounds into drip apparatus and ensure that the coffee is levelled.
-Pour 30g of boiled water into coffee grounds, and let coffee to bloom for 10 to 20 seconds.
-After coffee bloom, keep a constant flow of water onto coffee grounds to ensure that they are evenly wet so that you get a full extraction.
-Stop pouring after getting approximately 150g (depending on weight of coffee grounds – this is based on 10g of coffee) of water.

Note: If you do not have the recommended equipment as mentioned above, we do recommend to at least have a measuring cup or pitcher to measure your water volume.

We hope that this provides you an easier alternative of brewing your coffee!

We hope that this recipe can give you a guide on how to brew Drip Coffee; however it is not a standard method. So, we strongly encourage you to experiment on all elements during the brewing process!

Here are some elements that you can play around with to achieve your favourite cup:

1. Type of Single Origin Coffee

2. Coffee Grind Size

3. Temperature of Water

4. Brew Time

Additionally, if you want to have something more eye-catching and “performance worthy” you can always post an enquiry in the comments or drop us an email for more intricate brewing apparatus (coffee too)!

We hope that this post has been insightful for all of you! Please do not hesitate to contact us or leave us a comment or feedback, all are welcome!

Once again, we hope that you have a wonderful caffeine-fuelled day ahead!

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