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UCC BREWER’S participated in this year’s Cafe Asia that has been proven an enlightening experience for the team.

In this year’s showcase, we decided to focus on heritage and culture – showcasing our versatility in our concept and solutions that we are able to provide.

The realisation hit when most cafes sprouting up in Singapore are more likely to adopt more international concepts compared to our more traditional coffee shops found here in South East Asia.

Therefore, in order to sustain the heritage – the concept at Café Asia was a prototype to creating a change in the trend for the coffee scene here.

First of all, the focus was placed on creating a blend of gourmet coffee to replicate the taste of local coffee in our local coffee shops, also fondly known by our Singaporeans as “Kopitiam”.

This movement can create a new image for our traditional coffee, and an opportunity for hawkers to sell gourmet coffee in a “Kopitiam”.

Our “Kopitiam” may lack “refinement” and may not boast beautiful atmospheres for a novelty experience, but it is a part of our roots and heritage.

This should drive the need to not only preserve Local Singaporean “Kopitiam” Culture but bring it to the next level by introducing this gourmet “kopi” blend to the local coffee community, and strive to make it accessible and affordable to hawkers as well as consumers by striving to provide complete coffee solutions.

In fact, specialty coffee shares a minor similarity with our “Kopitiam” Culture. Both specialty coffee in cafes and traditional “kopi” in “Kopitiam” focuses on bringing good coffee to consumers.

But of course, the key difference is that specialty coffee’s green beans have Q grades of 80 points and above, whereas the green beans for roasting a traditional “kopi” probably scores at 60 points or lower.

However, better quality coffee can be used for traditional “kopi” – to create the same smooth, buttery, fragrant cup of coffee.

With that being said – different methods can be adopted to cater to the demands of the industry, and it is up to the new generation to create a wholesome community that preserves our local culture so that it is not lost to the next generation.

Moving Forward
It is important to switch to a better quality coffee – it may not be coffee that are 80 points and above – but switching out low quality Robusta that’s roasted with margarine and sugar would be a great start.

The coffee blend that mimics the traditional local coffee may lack the burnt and heavy bodied flavour that locals look for in their cup of “kopi”. However, you can be assured that the coffee is 100% gourmet and does not contain margarine or sugar in the roasting process.

Even though this is the traditional local coffee, and it is only natural to use the sock coffee brewing method, but it is too time consuming.

Hence we recommend the bulk brew machine that allows the user to brew 4 litres in about 3 minutes – this of course depends on the recipe being programmed – a thermos server is used to contain the brewed coffee that retains the optimal temperature for a minimum of 3 hours, and is recommended to be consumed within that time frame.

Furthermore, the bulk brew machine also ensures that every batch of coffee is consistent in its flavour and taste; moreover it can be brewed batch after batch as long as there is equipment to contain the coffee.

On A Side Note
UCC BREWER’S is carrying a new variety of UCC retail coffee: Roast Master, Petite Café and Café Rhythm. Do contact us if you would like to enquire about our newly launched coffee products.

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