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Brewer’s Premium Black Gold

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Brewer’s Premium Black Gold

Our brand Brewer’s will continue to carry our signature Black Gold Series – a premium selection of fine coffees tailored to the mass market.

Premium Blend

An elegant harmonious blend of coffee with a rich body and low acidity, complete with a nutty flavour

Arobar Blend

A rich and mellow blend of coffee with a smooth and strong nutty flavour

Barista Passion Blend

An aromatic coffee blend of floral fragrance complete with a mild body and balanced flavour

Barista Pride Blend

An exquisite aromatic winey fragrance enriched with a sweet, smooth and full-bodied flavour

Continental Blend

An excellent smooth and rich, full-bodied coffee with strong nutty flavours

Italian Espresso Blend

A strong aromatic and refreshing blend with a full bodied flavour

Mocca Blend

A thick mellow coffee blend with a full body that displays exquisite fruity flavours

Capri Blend

A lovely coffee blend with a medium body and low acidity filled with sweet and nutty flavours

Napoli Blend

A perfect coffee blend with rich aroma and intense flavours

Ice Royal Blend

An intense, lively coffee blend with hints of chocolate and a bold rich aroma, and winey flavours

Decaffeinted Coffee

A Swiss Water Processing method production of an aromatic and strong flavoured coffee