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UCC BREWER’S would like to extend its heartfelt appreciation to Japan Rail Cafe for including a coffee sharing session at their outlet at Wallich Street!

Our team enjoyed themselves throughout the event and had a great time interacting with all the guests; it was fun, educational and engaging for everyone.

Japan Rail Cafe hosts events like these on a regular basis to share travelling experiences in the different parts of Japan; this event focused on the Kansai prefecture.

Do keep a look out for our newly launched UCC Cafe Rhythm – it gives you the liberty of having a freshly dripped cup of coffee in the morning, afternoon and evening to help you keep up with your daily caffeine intake! Definitely worth taking a look at!

If you are visiting Japan anytime soon, we recommend heading to their cafe to enquire about your itinerary and have a hearty meal and a great cup of coffee at the same time! Check out their menu by click on this link —> Japan Rail Cafe Menu

We look forward to your participation the next time round! Please do keep up with Japan Rail Cafe on their Facebook and Instagram!

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