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Introduction to Roast Colours

Hello Coffee Enthusiasts, this month we will be touching on roasting and how to improve your skill as a coffee roaster. So what is roast colour, and why is it so important to the cup of coffee you are drinking? Tune in to this blog post to find out more!

When discussing about roast profile, it is referring to the roasting colours – Light, Cinnamon, Medium, High, City, Full City, French and Italian. You would’ve guessed that it is arranged from the lightest to the darkest roast, and depending on the roast colour, the taste will definitely differ. Please note that once you find one roasting profile good, it may not apply to another Single Origin Coffee, thus experimentation with the different roast colours are very important.

Therefore, it is important to understand your processes in roasting, and how it affects the coffee beans’ taste, aroma and flavours. Hence, we recommend that after roasting a batch of coffee, it is important to do a cupping exercise where you taste the coffee; in addition, roasting to the different roast colours will allow you to find the taste profile that you want. This will result in a better understanding in the roasted coffee and its flavours and aromas and help you develop a sharper palate to better describe your product to consumers. Other than those advantages, it would also be good practice and experience.

Furthermore, it is important to know your green beans – for example in our experience, we realised that green beans which are a bit dryer tend to roast quickly, and it would be essential for you to always keep an eye on your roasting!

If you have any questions regarding roasting, please do leave comments or any feedback, and we will do our best to assist you in helping you to achieve the best coffee experience! We hope that this post has been insightful and informative to everyone! If you require any other references or would like to dive deeper into the art of roasting coffee, we have provided a few links in this post, do check it out!

We hope that you have an awesome caffeine-fuelled day ahead! Looking forward to posting a new post for everyone – any requests?


  • Eric Diedrich

    Reply March 23, 2019 10:08 am

    Thanks for post. I think i can roast my coffee at home. I will apply your ideas. Maybe i can producemy own coffee roaster. But i did not decide. I can buy a new Kafgar Coffee Roaster Machine.

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