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Greetings Coffee Enthusiasts! Welcome to another caffeine-fuelled post. We have previously discussed about Single Origin Coffees, roasting colours as well as cupping, and we hope that these posts have provided you relevant information about some coffee basics. This month, we will cover on how to blend the different flavours from the different varieties.

Last month’s post on roasting colours and cupping are essential elements to understanding blending of coffee, so if you haven’t checked those posts out yet, do read them; if not we hope that everyone will enjoy this write up, as much as how much we enjoyed writing this for you guys!

Coffee blending is an intricate art which requires a good amount of knowledge and experience in roasting as well as cupping – this will ensure that the person doing the blending has the ability to roast well and also the ability to identify flavours in cupping.

For example, start with roasting one kind of Single Origin to different colours and make sure to cup them to understand the flavours and aromas. After cupping a few coffees, you will start recognising the attributes of the coffees and the significant roasting colour you would prefer. This will assist you in identifying the predominant flavour you are looking to create for the blend.

We would also recommend that each Single Origin Coffee should be roasted first before blending, and not blending first then roasting – as different Single Origin Coffees may dry or roast at different temperatures; so in order to attain the best flavours and aromas of the individual coffee, we recommend them to be roasted individually.

Once you have cupped the relevant coffees, you can start creating a blend formula for the ideal taste. We have included a few links in this post if you require more information on how to blend coffees; they give a rough guideline on what Single Origins to use to add to your blend to create a more interesting flavour! So do check those links out!


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